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OII Halloween Lecture 2024 -- Illuminating the Illuminated

Cartoon header image -- "I bet they have some old books I'd be interested in".

Once again, the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford — through madness, or through omission brought on by horrified incredulity — saw fit to expose its students to the nightmarish patterns that descend, fractal-like, endlessly below the surface of mundane reality.

This second OII Halloween Lecture drew on the twisted meanderings we travellers have taken through the cryptic verbiage of the Voynich Manuscript. We aim to establish the dread authenticity of the text, by rousing its very statistical bones from the inscrutable fasciae of its pages. Walking a tightrope between careful statistical exploration and ever-burgeoning insanity, we further explore the structures that arise from the text, separating the untranslated knowledge in the book into coherent bodies for future study.

In yet another, almost criminially negligent, oversight, the OII’s 2024 Halloween Lecture was captured, frozen in space and time, for the detriment and despair of the unexpectant world.


For those not driven to blissful negation by the tortured ramblings of the above, the underlying materials for the talk are presented, with neither hope nor tremor, here.



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